Ypsilanti Summer Beer Festival

UTR-Webmaster Episode 213


What would a Michigan festival special be without a good old fashioned beer festival? So we went to the 14th Annual Summer Beer Festival at Riverside Park in beautiful Ypsilanti, Michigan. It’s the oldest and largest beer festival in the state. Thousands of beer lovers converged to taste over three hundred different beers from more than fifty different Michigan breweries.

If you’re into beer, this is definitely the festival to be at. People come from far and wide to sample every Michigan brew imaginable. I honestly don’t know what’s more fun, the great beer or the colorful characters you run into. Everyone else was wearing pretzel necklaces, so I made my own custom pretzel hat. Easy to make, and it tasted great.

Whether you go for a good time with friends, to learn how to brew or to just drink great beer, Michigan’s largest beer festival will not disappoint. The passion for this growing artisan activity is astounding, and you won’t find a friendlier bunch of enthusiasts anywhere. They love their beer and love to share it with others. And keep in mind, not only does the beer make you feel good, helping the Michigan economy by drinking local brews makes you feel even better.

To make sure people drank responsibly and got home safe, the festival even had a “Blow Station” where you could check your consumption of beer. And if you had too much, they made sure you got home safe to enjoy more beer next year. A designated driver is always the best idea!

If a frosty cold adult malted brew is your beverage, put the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti on your bucket of beer list. Oh, and you might wanna bring a bucket of pretzels, too.