Your Nesting Place

UTR-Webmaster Episode 317

(248) 685-7314
332 N. Main St., Milford, MI 48381

If you’re looking for a place that’s got cool stuff for your place, don’t worry, we found just the place. If you’re into funky, cool, eclectic, reclaimed and creative interiors, place this place on your list. It’s called Your Nesting Place and owner Chris Meredith is helping put personality back into the places people live. She finds eclectic-style furnishings that turn a house into your home.

Chris is one of those rare and talented people who can go out, find a couple cool and unique things and turn them into a theme that gives an entire room a personality. She specializes in making your home reflect you. She has everything for every taste, everything from the expected to the cool and funky unexpected. Believe me, this girl has a black belt in feng shui.

Chris’ mantra is simple and brilliant… There are no HAVE TOs! Buy what you love and build around it! “It can be as simple as a pillow, your Grandmother’s dishes or a pair of lamps,” she said. “That’s what makes an interesting room. A home tells a story and it takes time for that story to evolve. It can’t be done by just purchasing a showroom of furniture.” Wise and creative words indeed.

So if you’re looking for that certain something to make your home different, Your Nesting Place is certainly something you should consider.

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