Yorokobi Sushi

UTR-Webmaster Episode 607

(586) 752-7010
117 S Main St, Romeo, MI 48065

It’s a sushi restaurant that’s right downtown … and right in the middle of this classic country-side community. How’d it happen ??? … and who’s responsible ???

Meet Dimitri Bonnville … A young guy who had a love for this fine foreign food … traveled almost to the orient (well, actually California) and brought it all the way back to Romeo and opened Yorokobi Sushi.

Is there really room in Romeo for this cuisine form another continent? Well, we sat down … dug in … and came up with a resounding YES! It just goes to show ya that America really is a melting pot of all things edible … even in this abundance of Americana … you’ll definitely wanna try the sushi at Yorokobi … or my sushi name isn’t Tommy.

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