UTR-Webmaster Episode 209

(616) 336-0746
1505 Wealthy St., Grand Rapids, MI 49506

For years people have been trying to invent a better hotdog. Well, at Yesterdog, they don’t have to, because they already did. And, they did it over thirty-five years ago.

Yesterdog is a crazy, fun, eclectic place that has a cult following so big, you’d almost call them a small nation. It’s located in the East Town area of Grand Rapids and has been serving up delectable dogs for generations.

This is an old-school hotdog diner where you make your order, toss your tip into a bucket on the wall behind the counter and dig into your dogs. Not only do they have the classic Yesterdog with chili, onion, mustard, pickle and ketchup, they also have the Ultradog, Cheddardog, Krautdog, Killerdog and even a Veggiedog.

Owner Bill Lewis claims he started Yesterdog back in 1976 because he wanted to do something where he couldn’t get fired. It worked. People love this place so much, he probably couldn’t close even if he wanted to. Yesterdog is so popular we even ran into the former mayor of Grand Rapids there. The walls are covered with Grand Rapids history, and when you’re done your shirt will probably be covered in chili.

I’ll be honest with you, for a boy who grew up on Detroit Coney Island hotdogs, these Yesterdogs were pretty darn good. Of course, to make sure, I had to sample three or four. Pure research. Boy, the things I have to do on UTR to maintain our integrity. Yesterdog totally lived up to its reputation as a fun and crazy place to get an outstanding hotdog.

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