Winter Blahs?? More like the Winter Yeahs!!!

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I know that it’s hard to believe, but even `round the UTR homestead we get hit with the “There’s Nothing To Do” whines.

After all we’ve seen making Under the Radar, we still lose sight of the many dozen of hundreds of thousands of things to do!!

So, first off, let’s remind you that we’re in the midst of a crop of new shows that just began airing.  3 new shows.  That means at least elevnty billion new ideas of people, places and things to visit all across our shiny state.

Click here to see the new show promos

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed…but it’s winter!  That brings a whole cool host (frost) of things to do!

Check out this video of cool winter things to do!!!

Or these great ways to spend winter in Oscoda!!

Or this great winter blast of things to do in Presque Isle County!!!

So many things to do that you’ll find your self whining that THERE”S TOO MUCH TO DO!!!!

Ah, well.  You can’t make everybody happy.  Bundle up and get out there and have a great Michigan time!!