Wine Walk

UTR-Webmaster Episode 705

Downtown Bay City

You know … a lot of cities have special events and gatherings for the people who live there because it helps create a sense of place and community. And this one’s got the word “wine” in it … I’m sold !!!

This is Bay City’s annual Wine Walk, where downtown eateries open their arms … open their bottles … and celebrate life in this awesome town. Now, you may walk a little funny after a while … but that’s oaky because you’re ‘walking’ … and you’re walking with good friends … great food … and the worlds oldest social lubricant … and I’m not finding anything wrong with that.

To help me get the lay of the land … and my hand around my first glass of vino … I took some time with one of Bay City’s principal food pioneers … Dave Dittenber.

Well, with Dave’s tutelage tucked away … I set out to wine, walk and talk with the locals … that shouldn’t be hard to do after a glass or two …

Whether your wine-walk is a skip, a saunter, a strut or a sachet … this is a wonderful way to create community. And as you can see (and I can taste) Bay City is a wonderful place to find yourself.

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