Willard Street Roasting House

UTR-Webmaster Episode 202

(269) 488-2802
610 W. Willard St., Kalamazoo, MI 49007

To expand my coffee consciousness, I made a visit to Water Street’s historic Willard Street Roasting House where they actually store, roast and distribute their incredible coffee. My caffeinated sensei for the day was Ben Angelo. He’s an actual roast master. It’s like being a kung fu master. Only, I guess he’s more of a kung fu roaster. Ben was great. He took me through the entire process, from fair trade sourcing of the beans, right up to and through the roasting process. The Willard Street Roasting House is not a retail location, but it is open to the public, so you might want to stop by, up your knowledge and go to coffee college like I did.

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