UTR-Webmaster Episode 613


How’d you like to have your own radio station … well in Howell and Livingston County … they totally do. Is this thing on … hu boy.

WHMI FM is in, on and all about this great part of Michigan. It’s a home-grown product that produces great quality radio for people they actually call friends and neighbors. They may not be a giant when it comes to their broadcast area … but when it comes to Howell and the surrounding communities … what they offer is HUGE !!!

Mornings on WHMI you’ll find Mike Marino and Jon King (aka Mike & Jon in the Morning) … and what they do is help locals launch their day by breathing life, laughs and a genuine love for their hometown of Howell. Oh … and if you like hit songs you know, that’ll help you get up and go … these guys will rock your morning routine.

So next time you land in Livingston County … check out how WHMI is helping this great community thrive. And who knows … you might even hear your favorite song all at the same time … bonus !!!

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