West Texas Barbeque Company

UTR-Webmaster Episode 311, Episode 505

(517) 784-0510
2190 Brooklyn Rd., Jackson, MI 49203

If you’re familiar with West Texas style barbeque, you know that it means no frills, down home, real deal barbeque, and that’s exactly what West Texas Barbeque Company is. Dan Huntoon and his son Justin make magic at this place, and quite simply, these meat men are the men to meet. They took a chunk-a Texas… slow smoked it… and brought it all the way to Michigan for all y’all to enjoy. And all I can say is, them’s some good eats!

You can carry out, or if you like, have a seat at their “BBQ Joint” right on the premises. This is authentic Texas style pit barbeque and the pits are fired using only seasoned oak and hickory. They don’t use gas, electricity or charcoal, and they never rush what they’re cooking. They always cook it “low and slow.” Getting hungry yet?

Even though this place is a bit under the radar, barbeque lovers from all over are finding it, and they’re also finding it to be just the place they’ve been looking for. These guys can caramelize the fat on a beef brisket like there’s no tomorrow, and their ribs, BBQ turkey and smoked sausages are (as my foodie friends would say) “to die for.” Dan spent time with some of the best pit-men in Texas, perfected what he learned and brought it up north for us Yankees to munch on. So un-restaurant-chain your brain and come meet some real barbeque people. In the vernacular of the West Texas countryside… it don’t git nun not no better.

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