Walleye Fishin’ with Trophy Specialists – Au Gres

UTR-Webmaster Episode 611

(734) 475-9146
15555 Cassidy Rd, Chelsea, MI 48118

After hours of trying to hit a little white ball … it was time to see if we could get something else to hit. Only this time not with a club … but with a fishing line ….

That’s right … we’re going back out on the water to see if ounce again, I can be taught to fish. Now, the fish seem to have their part down … it just doesn’t seem to stick with me.

If you’re a Michigan angler … and Walleye is your water breather of choice … you probably already know that Saginaw Bay is a Mecca for catching this mighty (and might I add tasty) fish. So, with the help of Captain Mike Veine at Trophy Specialists … we grabbed some bait, boarded a boat and set out to bring back some biggins.

Well, once again … the fish did their part just fine … (it’s me that needs the work) and thanks to Captain Mike we had a fun and fishfull day. And as an added treat … Mike sent us over to H&H Bakery and Restaurant in Au Gres … where they specialize in cooking your catch of the day. So, we handed off our fishy friend Wally … and by the time we washed up … we were presented with a wonderful walleye dinner. Dare I say … It don’t git nun not no better.

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