Van Dam Custom Boats

UTR-Webmaster Episode 109

(231) 582-2323
970 E. Division St., Boyne City, MI 49712

Next we went to a place that will float your boat, literally. It’s called Van Dam Custom Boats. Run by Steve Van Dam, they make incredible hand-crafted custom boats. After seeing their work, I’d say they actually build floating works of art that are shipped to clients around the world.

As a young man, Steve got bit by the elusive boat-builder’s bug and spent years in Canada learning the craft. He then came back to “boaters’ paradise,” a.k.a. Boyne City, and is now known as one of the premier boat builders on the planet. At Van Dam they start with a pile of wood, do their own custom design work and turn out boats that literally turn heads. If you’re ever in Boyne City, stop in at Van Dam Custom Boats and see what ‘real’ boats look like.

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