United States Ski Pole Company

UTR-Webmaster Episode 708

(231) 331-3076
1109 E State St, Cheboygan, MI 497213

Ya know, when I’m skiing the most important part of the equipment are these things right here … they help me not fall down … so if you’re in search of a superior pole … you should schuss yourshelf straight to Cheboygan. Wait … did I say that right?

Of course I didn’t, but that’s okay, because right here in the city of the same name is The United States Ski Pole Company. And when it comes to the perfect pole … the world’s not only watching … top skiers everywhere are planting these babies, and winning.

Andy Liebner came all the way back from Alaska to make his mark, plant his poles and put Cheboygan an the world stage of skiing.

As always … the people of our great state never cease to amaze me. Andy is following his dream around the world and making his product right here in Cheboygan. If you’re looking for a superior ski pole … The United States Ski Pole Company has plenty … and as I always say, if you’re looking for great place to live, work and play … don’t move a muscle … cuz you’re in Michigan.