Umami Ramen

UTR-Webmaster Episode 705

(269) 224-3264
78 Calhoun St, Battle Creek, MI 49017

You’ve heard the old lyric “life is but a dream” … well, some people take their dreams and turn them into a whole new reality, and they end up doing what they were meant to do. Gee … I wonder what I was meant to do?

Peecoon Allen traveled across the world and turned her dream into a reality that’s tantalizing the taste buds of an entire town. Along with her husband Lance, she’s taken her culinary roots from Thailand and transplanted them right here in Battle Creek. And the fans of her flavorful food are growing so fast … she’s even opening her very own restaurant called Umami Ramen …

I caught up with Peecoon at Festival Market Square downtown where she’s been practicing for her permanent location for some time now.

So, take it from a bona fide food lover … Peecoon cooks up a veritable RO-MEN empire of savory selections at Umami Ramen in Battle Creek.

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