Ugly Dog Distillery

UTR-Webmaster Episode 310

(734) 433-0433
14495 N. Territorial, Chelsea, MI 48118

If you’re the kind of person who occasionally needs a little hair of the dog, have I got a vodka for you! Ruger, a German shorthaired pointer, is the inspiration and namesake for Ugly Dog Vodka, an award-winning spirit that’s made right in Chelsea. Now, even though Ruger helps out quite a bit, he doesn’t actually make the vodka. That’s the handy work of Jon Dyer. When Jon’s not spending quality time with Ruger he eats, sleeps, makes, thinks and drinks vodka.

It all started a while back when Jon was out bird hunting with Ruger and some of his best buddies. While sitting around the campfire (as Jon says, “tellin’ lies and stories”) one of his buddies dared him to try and make some whisky. Well, you know how us guys are; we’ll do almost anything on a dare. So Jon went out and bought a coppersmithing book published in 1865, hand hammered his own copper stills, built the electronics and commenced to makin’ mash.

Not only do they make premium vodka, rum, gin and even a bacon flavored vodka (great for Bloody Marys), Ugly Dog Vodka is winning awards and showing up in restaurants and retail locations everywhere. If you want a great locally made spirit, just look for the ugly dog on the label. Oh, and in Ruger’s defense, I think he’s a handsome fella!