U of M’s Museum of Natural History

UTR-Webmaster Episode 407

1109 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079

You know … unfortunately, a lot of people avoid museums because they think they’re boring … cause they’re all about learning. Well, if you’ve got the right attitude … learning can be a lot of fun … and if you pick the right museum … it can be even more funner. … er. I guess I need some learning …. Darn. Not only is the U of M’s Museum of Natural History the right museum … it’s an absolute treasure for people who live in Michigan. And until you come here, you forget just how much fun learning can be …. I reached out to Amanda Paige … which is perfect because she’s the outreach program manager at the museum … and she had all the knowledge I was looking for …Amanda really made our trip to the museum so much fun, I completely forgot that I was learning. So, pick a day, exercise your brain, have some fun … and spend a few hours at U of M’s Museum of Natural History. After being here for a while you’ll realize … it’s such a natural thing to do.

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