Tour America Bike Shop

UTR-Webmaster Episode 206

(989) 734-3946
268 N. 2nd St., Rogers City, MI 49779

After a quick tour of town (aka, we got lost) we saw a place that looked so crazy cool, we just had to stop. It’s called Tour America Bike Shop and when you walk into this place, you will be amazed and pleasantly overwhelmed. If Pee Wee Herman didn’t buy his bike here, he sure should have.

This crazy bike shop is part funhouse, part racing museum, part antique store, part flea market and the complete brainchild of Marcus Opie, the mastermind behind the mayhem. But don’t be fooled. Even in the midst of this eclectic conglomeration is a serious bike shop that can provide you with everything you need, no matter what kind of biking you do.

After giving up race car driving in his earlier years, Marcus went to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, saw the Wright Brothers’ original workshop, got inspired, got up to Rogers City and opened for business. Oh, and in the meantime, he collected about eleventy billion cool and unusual things to display around his shop.

Marcus is a fascinating character, and almost everything in his place has a story. If you’re looking for some new trees to pass and squirrels to dodge, come see Marcus at Tour America in Rogers City. He’ll get you what you need and even tell you about some beautiful new places to ride. P.S. Marcus goes south every winter, so make sure to call ahead.