Tin Angry Men

UTR-Webmaster Episode 703

Contact Cre via email: tinangrymen@gmail.com

Gort Klaayu barada nikto

If that means anything to you … you love robots … Gort’s my favorite. Well, here in Ypsi there’s a man who’s creating an entire invasion of these mighty metal men.

Cre Fuller is part artist … part junk collector … part inventor … and one of the most likable and creative minds you’ll manage to meet. He takes stuff you and I throw away and turns it into some of the most menacing … and at the same time charming little robots you’ll ever encounter. His home is even a perfectly decorated and colorfully coordinated cartoon of retro treasures. You’ve got to have an eye for this kind of creative … and I think Cre … has three.

He calls his collection of work Tin Angry Man … and if you like cool … you’ll be captivated …

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more charismatic collection of little metal men in my entire life … or met a cooler cat that Cre. Heck … even his hairless dog chickens is cool. If you find robots riveting … or maybe want an ironclad clown around your house, reach out to Cre Fuller at Tin Angry Men and he’ll fabricate you a freeky friend in no time at all.

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