UTR-Webmaster Episode 210

This is an actual true story. When we put Lexington on our production calendar and called to start scheduling things, we didn’t know Thumbfest was happening or even what it was. But thank goodness we stumbled on it, because it was extremely cool.

Thumbfest is a folk music festival that’s been happening in Lexington every summer for over a decade now. On the Saturday before Labor Day, musicians from all over the country come to perform on one of almost a dozen stages spread throughout town. From New Orleans brass to classic Americana, if it’s acoustic, it’s here.

Over five thousand music lovers come to this festival every year to relax, shop, eat and even stay the night. If you’re looking for great weekend getaway with a catchy melody, check out Thumbfest. If I had brought my guitar with me, I would have totally performed that day. But then again, I’m trying to bring people to Lexington, not scare them away.