Wurst Bar, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 316

(734) 485-6720
705 W. Cross, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Since you’re so used to us telling you about some of the “best” places in Michigan, I thought we’d tell you about The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti—for real! It’s the Wurst Bar alright, and it’s a funky, cool watering hole and artisan sausage eatery that’s attracting foodies from all over Michigan.

From the bizarre to the sublime, Jesse Kranyak and his business partner Jim Seba have put together one of the most unique dining and drinking experiences we’ve been to in a long time. And if you’re looking for a creative chef who’s totally committed to his craft, Dan Klenotic in the kitchen is your guy. He’s the reason the seasonings at this place will blow your mind. It’s the first restaurant I’ve ever been to where they talked about food in “flavor profiles.”

The best thing about the Wurst Bar is that the wurst food is the best. They do things with sausage I didn’t even think was possible. The menu offers everything from traditional to even snake sausage, and what they do with gourmet burgers is monumental. They even serve homemade regular or sweet potato tater tots, all offered up with a great selection of Michigan brews.

The Wurst Bar also has a great atmosphere. The funky furnishings and light fixtures make for a cool and eclectic environment. You’ll also meet people from all walks there who share an appetite for adventurous and delicious food. But don’t be afraid to bring the kids. There’s plenty there for them to love.

So if you’re looking for some exotic flavor profiles that’ll tickle your taste buds, the best place to go is the Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti. Besides, what’s the wurst that could happen—exactly!

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