Whitehouse Restaurant, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 302

(989) 386-9551
613 N. McEwan St., Clare, MI 48617

Mary Ann’s pies alone were worth the drive to Clare, but to be honest, after all that sweet, we needed some meat. So we slid over for some classic sliders at the one and only Whitehouse Restaurant. We sure do a lot of eating on our show. Bonus!

On UTR we love small towns. We love small businesses, and we love burgers. Every town needs a little burger joint, and in Clare Denise Jenks has packed a whole lot of tradition into a place even smaller than UTR World Headquarters. This place is so classic. It was built in 1935, and when Denise bought the business (she is the seventh owner), it actually came with two employees: Julie (forty-three years at the Whitehouse) and Jackie (twenty-five years). These two ladies give the Whitehouse its personality and its get-up-and-go.

The food is also exactly what you’d expect: good, greasy and full of flavor from a well-seasoned grill. Diner perfection. So if you’re looking for a little place with big flavors and an even bigger personality, go to the Whitehouse. Don’t worry, you won’t need security clearance. Just a few bucks in your pocket.

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