U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bramble, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 102

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Port Huron Seaway Terminal, Port Huron, MI

If you want to have an experience in Port Huron that’s totally nautical, try spending some time (or even the night) on a real U.S. Coast Guard cutter.

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bramble is part of an incredible Port Huron museum program. This is an absolutely fascinating 180-foot seagoing ship. It was commissioned in 1944, and following World War II, it participated in “Operation Crossroads,” the first test of an atomic bomb’s effect on surface ships at Bikini Island in the South Pacific. In 1957, along with two other ships, the Bramble headed for the Northwest Passage, traveling through the Bering Straits and Arctic Ocean. It traveled for sixty-four days through 4,500 miles of uncharted waters. The three ships finally reached the Atlantic Ocean. They were the first ships to circumnavigate the North American Continent. See what I mean?

Now, get this. If you have a special group of twenty to thirty people, you can actually spend the night on the Bramble. This is an outstanding experience. You get to see what all aspects of military life at sea were like. We toured the entire ship from the galley to the massive engine room and had a blast. Contact the museum for tour times and days the ship is boardable.

Next time you’re looking for a medium-sized Michigan city to explore, try Port Huron. I guarantee it will float your boat. Ha!