Tap Room, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 207

(734) 482-5320
201 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Ypsi has great food downtown and great places to live in town. But how ’bout a unique place to tip back a few frosty cold adult malted beverages with some friendly conversation? No problem. If you’re looking for a cool place to rub elbows with some real characters, The Tap Room spells character with a capital C. The history, the stories and the people make for a very earthy and entertaining evening.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get there is that the door handle is not much higher than your knees. Legend has it that during World War II, little people worked in the airplane wings at the Willow Run Bomber Plant nearby. The original owner accommodated these pint-sized patriots by installing a lower handle on the front door. There’s even a portion of the bar inside that was made shorter so they could reach their drinks. A very cool thing to do.

Brian and Lisa Brickley are continuing the Tap Room’s great tradition with good food, great live music and an atmosphere that makes anyone fit in instantly. This place is so interesting and unpredictable, the night we were there, we ran into the international dreidel spinning champion Alan Black. I challenged him. He won.

Amy was right; the people of Ypsi have a genuine love for the Tap Room. It’s a great place to let your hair down, let it all out and have a good time. It’s real, it’s fun and full of interesting people. Just like Ypsilanti and Michigan.

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