Swedish Pantry, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 315

(906) 786-9606
819 Ludington St., Escanaba, MI 49829

I’ve always dreamed of a place where I could get a decorative violin, a stuffed monkey, a vintage cuckoo clock, a ceramic duck, oh, and the best Swedish food in town. Well, at The Swedish Pantry, I finally found it. This wonderfully wacky place is one of the most eclectic restaurants you’ll ever walk into. It’s a gift shop, bakery, art gallery and eatery all rolled into a place that serves some of the best homemade Swedish food this side of the big pond.

How did we know the food was so good? Well, not only did we taste a ton of it, the words, “Best Food In Town” are also plastered all over the front of the building. But it works because the Swedish Pantry truly is a destination in these parts.

People come from around the world to sample their traditional Swedish dinners, and everything is homemade using traditional family recipes that include fresh homemade bread and butter. Mmmmm butter! If you love authentic Swedish meatballs, potato sausage, rutabagas and ham-stuffed potato dumplings, you’re gonna love this place. Heck, they even serve lingonberries. I’ll wait while you Google that.

So if you like a side of eye candy with your comfort food, check out the Swedish Pantry. It’s mmm, mmm, man is there a lot of stuff in here!

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