State Theater, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 210

(989) 892-2660
913 Washington Ave., Bay City, MI 48708

Our last stop turned out to be probably the biggest surprise of the day. The State Theater in downtown Bay City is a crazy, wild explosion of art deco colors, all wrapped up in an incredible ancient Mayan temple theme. When you enter the front doors, it’s like you were just swallowed by an ancient Mayan birthday cake. The eye candy there is amazing and the atmosphere is awesome. We didn’t even stay for a movie and we still had a blast just looking around.

This incredible theater was designed in the 1930s by none other than C. Howard Crane, the very same man who designed Detroit’s famous and fabulous Fox Theater. It’s one of three Mayan Temples in the entire U.S. The State Theater is also one of those special places that anchors the arts to the community there, and that, my friends, is a priceless thing.

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