Sphinx Organization, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 110

400 Renaissance Center, Ste. 2550, Detroit, MI 48243

Next we got to meet a man who’s literally changing the lives of children in Detroit and around the world. Aaron Dworkin is the founder and daily inspiration behind The Sphinx Organization. They’re leading the charge to increase the participation of underserved Black and Latino youth in classical music. Sphinx is literally changing the face (and the faces) of the American symphony.

Less than four percent of all orchestras are Black and Latino combined, and through the Sphynx Organization’s special programs and national competitions, more and more of these talented kids are setting out to participate in this amazing art form. They are getting involved both on stage and behind the scenes. Aaron and his team have spent over fifteen years now changing the racial landscape of this calling, and it’s becoming as beautiful and diverse as the music itself. Thanks, Aaron!

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