Rouge Factory Tour, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 801

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Ever look at a car or truck and wonder … how the heck did that happen? Well wonder no more …and thats because the good folks at the henry ford put together an amazing experience called the Ford Rouge Factory Tour…

From artifacts dating all the way back to the model A, to state of the art interactive displays including, robots, lasers and 3D imaging, this tour totally takes you there.

You’ll learn the incredible history of this awesome auto plant and even see vehicles actually being made today.

This is a total historical and manufacturing experience that few people get to well, experience … so to make sure I experience it all … I hit The Henry Ford Museum … Hopped on the official tour bus … and headed off for the factory tour.

Once we made our way inside I sought out Cynthia Jones. Not only is she the manager here, she’s also one of the main reasons this exhibit has won awards around the world.

After you take this tour I guarantee that next time you get into a car or truck, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for where it came from and what it took to make it.