Ramsdell Inn, The / TJ’s Pub

UTR-Webmaster Episode 602

(231) 398-7901
399 River St, Manistee, MI 49660

Historic preservation means a lot to all of us here at UTR … especially when it brings us a great place to stay, eat and enjoy an adult beverage … I love history !!!

The Ramsdell Inn is literally the gem of downtown Manistee … This incredible structure was built in 1891 for a cost of only $35,000 and now serves as the anchor to this great city. And, it’s as much fun to look at as it is to walk into … If you want to stay at a place with fascinating history, you should make some history of your own right here.

But wait … there’s more … down the stairs and around this impressive granite pillar is TJ’s Pub … a great place to greet, meet and eat with friends and family. It’s a classic, cozy pub with everything you need to feel … well, good again.

The two people who personify this pub … and the passion it takes to move a monument like the Ramsdell into the future are Lindsey & Matt Swidorski. They’ve taken this gem and shined it up for all of us to enjoy.

They will never, ever make buildings like this again … so if you get the chance … stop by the Ramsdell for a room, a rubin .. or even a round of your favorite beverages. You’ll end up loving history as much as we do.

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