Old Town General Store, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 407

(517) 487-6847
408 E. Grand River, Lansing, MI 48906

You know, back in the day, every town in America had a general store, but not so much any more. Well, here in Old Town, there’s a brand new old general store. Wait … I’m confused.

Lansing’s Old Town is a place where young people are opening businesses and redefining the way we live, eat and shop. At The Old Town General Store, Rhea Van Atta took the old concept of a general store, modernized it, gave it her own creative twist, and is helping an entire community connect. Yea, it’s a general store, but it’s a whole lot more.

The Old Town General Store is what every town needs, a place where people in a community can support each other – oh, and also get some bandaides.

So whether you’re looking for some great Michigan wines, a place to go nuts, or a sence of place in your neighborhood, Lansing … is a great place to be.

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