Old Spud Warehouse, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 608

(989) 731-0330
314 S Otsego Ave, Gaylord, MI 49735

What do you do when you see a sign that says The Bearded Dogg Lounge and the Old Spud Warehouse? Well … Ya do exactly what we did … ya turn around, pull in and see what the heck is up.

What are these two places? What do their names mean? And why are the stuck together??? Well, there’s only one (or maybe 2) ways to find out. So I flipped a coin and headed on into The Old Spud Warehouse for an explanation … and hopefully, eventually a good meal.

Once inside … my look of confusion inspired a spontaneous game of 20 questions with Jenny Sopper …

The Spud Warehouse was so wonderful, weird and unique … it inspired me to both shop, and monkeyshine a bit (coaster bit)… it even distracted me from the fact that I was … oh my gosh … that’s right … I’m starved. So, I headed through a hall of awesome art to find The Bearded Dogg Lounge.