Mitt Restaurant, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 314

Permanently Closed

It’s always sad when we find out that a business we featured on the show has closed. It’s like we lost a friend. Please remember that while UTR episodes are timeless, the people, places and things are not. Some of the many places we feature on this website may have changed, moved or simply ceased to be. We can’t stress enough that you always need to check ahead and contact any of these places before setting out to visit them. It could save you a long drive there, and a very frustrating and disappointing drive home.

We love Michigan and we love to eat, so we went to a place that brought the best of both right to our table. The Mitt Restaurant is the place to go if you want to put your love of Michigan where your mouth is. It’s all things Michigan, from the food to the furniture, and Owner Ken Leonard is walking the walk when it comes to truly serving locally.

Ken describes his food as Michigan comfort food. Almost every single thing served is from here, and nothing is processed. Everything is homemade and made with stuff grown locally. From the monumental meatloaf and chicken pot pie to Ron’s Country Spaghetti, both the menu and the portions are huge. Come hungry, get comfortable and put the best Michigan has to offer where your mouth is. The crew loved it there because the food was so good, I actually stopped talking for a while.

The Mitt Restaurant really goes beyond being just a restaurant. It’s almost a state of mind. And what better way to feed your mind than with Michigan comfort food?

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