Miracle League of Michigan, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 410

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26000 Evergreen Road, Southfield MI 48076

You know … some people don’t believe in miracles … but if you know anything about this organization … they make miracles happen all the time.

VO5: The Miracle League of Michigan is an Easter Seals program here in Southfield that gives kids with mental and physical challenges the chance to play baseball as a team member in a real organized league. A pretty simple thing that normally these kids would never get the chance to do.

Steve Peck is the founder and director of the program and one of the extraordinary and caring people who every summer helps bring a real sense of joy and accomplishment to these special young athletes.

Conversation with Steve about the league/kids/families …

Just spend an afternoon with these exceptional kids and their families and you’ll see what a miracle this league really is …

These special kids and their families were having so much fun that it got kinda contagious. So I weaseled my way into the announcers booth for some play by play … Tom style.

Well, after a bit of play by play my way … (which by the way is the wrong way), I realized my real skills were needed on the field … that’s right … the team needed a closer, and when the coach called for a righty … I got my chance.

I don’t know what’s more of a Miracle. The Miracle League of Michigan, or the fact that I actually threw a hittable pitch. Actually I do know … It’s the Miracle League hands down … as for me … I should probably stick to something I do well … as soon as I find it