Maple Grill, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 315, Episode 603

(989) 233-2895
13105 Gratiot Rd., Hemlock, MI 48626

You know, most restaurants bring food “into” their kitchen to cook for you. Well, here’s a guy who took his kitchen outside to where the food is. It’s called The Maple Grille, and it’s a modern twist on the way things were done way back when. No freezers, no microwaves and no ovens, just fresh, local food cooked over a wood fire, right in front of you.

Josh Schaeding is the young chef who’s turning heads and filling stomachs right by the side of the road. This truly is one of the most unique dining experiences we’ve ever had doing the show and one of the best. Josh depends on local farms and ranchers for the flora and fauna he serves up, and he even grows a lot of it himself. Imagine food so fresh that the chef just went right out back and picked it for your meal.

Even though the menu changes daily, depending on what’s available, one thing stays constant at the Maple Grille, and that’s family. With their help, Josh built the modern yet earthy structure that makes up both his outdoor kitchen and the dining area. It’s funky, cool and right out in fresh air… perfect!

We dined on rib eye with secret sauce, lake trout, rabbit confit, colette steak, tri tip, grilled redskins, spaghetti squash and homemade cornbread. Hard to believe, but I was speechless.

So if you’re looking for a unique dining experience with fresh local food and great people, the Maple Grille is only a drive away.

Note: Since our first visit, the Maple Grille has also opened an indoor dining area. Great news for those days Mother Nature is having one of her moods.

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