Lofts on Ludington, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 315

(906) 420-3152
1615 Ludington St., Escanaba, MI 49829

The Lofts on Ludington is an old building that’s been made new again to create multi-use space that’s helping attract a new business and energy downtown. The building features unique apartments and great new businesses. Matt Sviland and his wife Beth had a dream to convert this classic structure, and thanks to their vision and dedication to this building, business in Escanaba is good.

And speaking of business, three young female entrepreneurs who have new businesses in the Lofts on Ludington came together to promote themselves and are now known as The Lofty Girls. Ashley Westlund is helping to beautify Escanaba with her Salon West and Spa. Lofty Girl Rachel Miron is helping accessorize Escanaba with her Pink Sugar Boutique and Holly Nylund is helping capture Escanaba on film in her live/work photography space. The Lofts on Ludington is attracting young and talented people like the Lofty Girls, and now these three talented young ladies are helping Escanaba’s economy grow. I call that a lofty goal.

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