Little Bar, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 301

(810) 765-8084
321 Chartier, Marine City, MI 48039

Our first stop for the day was an iconic little townie tavern called The Little Bar. It looks like a little house, and it’s a place the locals love. This is a simple place where everyone comes, everyone knows your name and everything is good. The Little Bar also has tremendous history. The likes of Henry Ford and even Thomas Edison used to occasionally light up a libation there. The food is honest, the people friendly and if you like laughing with the locals, you’ll have a ton of fun there.

To welcome me to the neighborhood and loosen me up a bit, they brought me what’s called a mini beer. It wasn’t really beer… it was very mini, and it made me feel mini funny. Even though the drink looks like a tiny beer, it’s actually made with a vanilla liquor and some heavy cream. We laughed it off and were on our way. We had so much fun that it was a little hard to leave. A mini beer at the Little Bar in Marine City. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

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