Jampot, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 404

6500, M-26, Eagle Harbor, MI 49950


When it comes to Michigan jams and jellies .. I think I found Heaven on earth.

That’s right … we’re at the Jampot .. a little bakery and jam shop on M26 just north of Eagle River. And, what makes this place so unique … well, these sweet treats are made by genuine Catholic Byzantine monks. If you’re eating corporate made, mass produced Jams & Jellies … consider this segment to be your devine intervention. These heavenly, hand made spreadables and baked goods are made by authentic holy men, with nothing but your taste buds in mind.

When Father Basil isn’t tending to holy matters up the road at the monistary, he’s here at the bakery helping the other monks make mouthwatering spreadables and baked goods …