Iron Works Cafe, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 602

(231) 655-9845
254 River Street Manistee, MI 49660

There’s one thing on UTR we never, ever miss … and that’s a good meal !!!!

So we decided to break bread at a place that not only serves healthy local food … it’s also part of a grass roots movement that’s helping this entire community eat better. The Iron Works Café is part of a new non-profit organization called The Manistee Community Kitchen, and they’ve organized and energized this entire community to help end hunger and obesity in Manistee County.

Local chef Brandon Seng helped take the concept one step farther by purchasing the old Iron Works building here in town and turning it into a café that brings local vegetables, fruits and this philosophy to fruition.

Another person who’s helping to make real food the obvious choice here in Manistee is Tom Volker … he runs the organic garden and is the community kitchen’s very own Golly Green Giant.

You know, this building might not be an Iron Works any more … but they are working on making all of us here in Michigan a lot healthier … and that my friends works for me!

Next time you’re near Manistee … manage to get yourself over to the Iron works café … they’ll serve you information, inspiration and … a great meal … Bonus !!!

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