Hexagon House, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 602

(231) 869-4102
760 6th St, Pentwater, MI 49449

You’ve heard the old expression “six ways to Sunday” … well I have no idea what that means … but I did find us a really cool six sided Bed & Breakfast … and we’re staying there on a Wednesday.

Just as short ways from downtown (on of all things 6th street) is The Hexagon House – and it’s one of the most unique and beautiful places you can stay in all of Michigan. This stately six-sided structure is a true tribute to Victorian architecture. And it has more grace, elegance and charm than you can shake a doily at.

Matt and Sandy Werner are the heart and soul of this graceful place and have owned and operated the Inn since way back in the 1900s …

Another thing a lot of people don’t know about the Hexagon House is that they have a very famous guest who apparently stays here quite regularly.

I describe the Harry Potter room underneath the stairs .. and eventually knock on the door to see if “Harold” “HP” is home. Must be out with Hermione … I think they’re an item now…

Everything about the Hexagon House is frilly, fun, fascinating and full of history … It’s a must stay place if B&B’s are your bag Baby …. Our time at the Hexagon house was so memorable … it’s an experience I’ll remember to never forget. Did I say that right …

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