Herrick House, The & Mulberry Café

UTR-Webmaster Episode 302

(989) 386-6120
120 E. 5th St., Clare, MI 48617

After all those doughnuts, believe it or not, I had a powerful hankerin’ for a piece of pie, so our next stop was a place everyone recommended called The Herrick House & Mulberry Café. And from what the locals told me, Mary Ann Shurlow’s pies reign supreme.

Even though we went for the pies, this quaint little restaurant in a Victorian house serves a lot more than that. The front is a little home decor and gift shop with a wonderful assortment of things you suddenly realize you just can’t live without, and in the back is a cozy little eatery that serves fresh, local and lovingly prepared foods. We tried a whole bunch of different plates and pies and decided the one thing we loved more than anything else was everything.

The Herrick House & Mulberry Café is exactly the kind of little eatery you’d expect in a town this nice. Mary Ann is really doing it right. Her attention to detail is incredible, and she totally made us feel right at home.

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