Great Lakes Pub Cruiser, The

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What do you get when you combine people, pubs and peddling? You get a portable party that’s plenty of fun! The Great Lakes Pub Cruiser is like nothing we had ever seen before, and if you’re looking for a powerful good time, this one’s powered by people and pub juice.

You read right, The Great Lake Pub Cruiser is a people-powered, portable pub that the passengers pedal from place to place. It’s basically a modernized wagon with seats on both sides, and each seat has a set of bicycle pedals that power the cruiser. As you and your friends pedal away, your tour guide steers the cruiser from pub to pub where you all enjoy some of Grand Rapids finest microbrews.

The people keep the pub cruise powered, and the social lubrication at the pubs keeps the night lively and full of fun. It’s a great way to meet new people and discover Grand Rapids’ exploding beer scene.

The best part of this crazy excursion is you’re not driving, you’re actually getting in a bit of a workout and you’re getting a chance to work off your buzz before the evening is done. It’s the healthiest way I can think of to go drinking with friends and family. So if you’re going to partake, The Great Lakes Pub Cruiser is a great reservation to make.

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