Glass Academy, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 801

(313) 561-4527
25331 Trowbridge St, Dearborn, MI 48124

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at glass blowing … but you were afraid you’d just blow it … don’t worry … that’s the whole point ! And if you really want to see how it’s done, here at the Glass Academy in Dearborn they’ll give you a chance to try it for yourself. They’ll also give you a whole new perspective and appreciation for what an incredible art form this is.

This unique place is a teaching facility, an event space, a design studio and the brainchild of Chris Nordin and Michelle Plucinsky … two world-renowned glass artisans who are spending their lives dedicated to this captivating craft.

To help me embark on my own modest menagerie … Michelle hooked my up with glass master and super nice guy Fred Sittig …

Well, enough blowing hot air (cuz that’s about all I was doing) … time for the real reason we’re here … a special event they have periodically that’s appropriately named “Hot Glass – Cold Beer.”

It’s where Chris helps you (and some of your very best friends) design your own glass mug and then he makes it right there in front of you

This event is awesome … and thanks to Chris’s expert artistry it wasn’t long before I had a custom, hand-crafted vessel with which to enjoy my frosty cold adult malted beverages.

Take it from your old pal Tom … the Glass Academy is the hot new place to go to experience all things glass. Whether you’re looking for some one of a kind art … or just something fun to do … do yourself a favor and melt some glass with these guys. You’ll be ‘glass’ you did. Get it? Hu Boy!