Fab Magic Company, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 307

(269) 432-4017
212 E. State St., Colon, MI 49040

The town was full of festival goers and magicians doing street magic. Our first stop was at The Fab Magic Company, where owner Rick Fisher gave us a few lessons in the art of illusion. Rick is a great guy, and when it comes to magic, he knows every trick in the book. The Fab Magic Company is a great place to pick up some simple to very complex magic tricks you can even perform yourself. It’s amazing how quickly you can do some of these awesome tricks once you know the secret.

After enjoying a number of the street performers throughout town, we ended up over at another iconic magic shop called Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing Company. Since 1934, Abbott’s has been one of the world’s premier places to get everything you need to amaze and mystify. The day we were there, they were putting on a magic show in their in-store theater. I can’t even begin to count how many times I must have said, “How the heck did they just do that?”