Detroit Zoo, The

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Next we went to The Detroit Zoo to see an exhibit I had heard about and always wanted to see. I’m telling you right now, this exhibit is so incredible that whether you’re six or 106, you’ll BEARLY be able to contain yourself.

It’s called the Arctic Ring of Life, and it’s North America’s largest polar bear exhibit. What’s also cool about this exhibit is that it’s a complete four-acre arctic habitat that also houses arctic foxes and seals.

My favorite part about the experience is the spectacular seventy-foot-long Polar Passage, a clear tunnel that winds through a vast underwater marine environment. It’s a twelve-foot-wide, eight-foot-tall tunnel that takes you underneath diving and swimming polar bears and seals!

For safety’s sake, and to keep everyone in one piece, the bears and seals are separated from each other by a transparent barrier, but it totally looks like they’re sharing one aquatic environment.

The Arctic Ring of Life was actually named the Second Best Zoo Exhibit in the U.S. by the Intrepid Traveler’s guide to “America’s Best Zoos” and is open year round. So whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, if you get the call of the wild, spend some quality time with your furry and feathered friends at the Detroit Zoo. Don’t worry; they’ll be waitin’ for ya.