Common Grill, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 310

(734) 475-0470
112 S. Main St., Chelsea, MI 48118

If you’re looking for an uncommon dining experience, The Common Grill in downtown Chelsea is the place to get it. It’s an award-winning eatery where all the dishes are so well thought out, all you have to do is think about which one you want to eat.

Award-winning Chef Greg Common has spent twenty years perfecting his version of a great restaurant. In 1990 he came to Chelsea from Dearborn, fell in love with the town, and has been pleasing palates there ever since. Greg is a self-taught chef who truly believes that not only food, but customer service is the difference between a good and a great restaurant. It’s fine, but casual dining, and the menu is what I like to call classic, classy American.

When we spoke to the people dining that evening, it was amazing how much love folks give this place. We ran into one gentleman who actually drove sixty-five miles one way just to have dinner there. WARNING: Be careful with the rolls they serve at the Common Grill. They’re so darn good, you might not have room for dinner.