Cherry Hut, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 401

(231) 882-4431
211 N. Michigan Ave., Beulah, MI 49617

When it comes to Michigan cherries, the Cherry Hut’s been doing it right since it started as a little road-side hut in 1922. It’s a landmark, a tradition and a big slice of Michigan history. And speaking of slices, the cherry pie there is what they’re famous for. It’s simple, honest, fresh and full of ripe Michigan cherries—which are, of course, the best cherries in the world!

The Cherry Hut is also a family affair that goes back three generations, and I was lucky enough to sit down with Andy Case and share a little bit of my own Cherry Hut history, because my family has been going there since my kids were small. At the Daldin house, when you turned five, the whole family would pile in the car, drive north to the Cherry Hut, eat tons of pie and you’d get your very first Cherry Hut t-shirt. We’d also bring home a bunch of pies. The pies never lasted very long, but believe it or not my kids still have their original t-shirts.

So if you’re driving up north, and you see a big red smiling cherry face: stop, have a slice of Michigan life, start your own family tradition and take home a pie or two of your own. Just remember, the Cherry Hut is red and white—now all it needs is you!