Brick Oven, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 708

(231) 445-1925
216 Sutherland St Cheboygan, Michigan

Now, if you’re a bread lover like me, you know that the stuff we break … is sometimes the best part of the meal …

Well, here’s a family in Cheboygan who took their love for bread … built a brick oven, and a business off their barn … and now breadies … are beating down their door. Alishia Sanford along with her mom and dad Joanne & Tim call their place (surprisingly enough) The Brick Oven … and all their loyal fans … are just as fired up.

Let’s face it, bread really is a universal food … not to mention pizza … and when it’s this good … people are willing to talk all about it …

If you’re a total bread-head like me … you’ll be ‘grateful’ that folks like Tim, Joanne & Alisha are baking their very best. Just don’t ask me to bring you home a loaf … cuz truth is … it’ll probably never make it …. mmmm bread !!!!