Bolles Harbor Café, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 108, Episode 406

Permanently Closed

It’s always sad when we find out that a business we featured on the show has closed. It’s like we lost a friend. Please remember that while UTR episodes are timeless, the people, places and things are not. Some of the many places we feature on this website may have changed, moved or simply ceased to be. We can’t stress enough that you always need to check ahead and contact any of these places before setting out to visit them. It could save you a long drive there, and a very frustrating and disappointing drive home.

(734) 457-2233
13986 Laplaisance Rd., Monroe, MI 48161

The culinary arts are also a rich part of Monroe. If you’re hungry, some really good food is never far away. John turned us on to an unassuming little place down by the marina called The Bolles Harbor Café. As soon as we walked in, we were met by Silverio Conte, a chef with a passion for both people and the food he prepares.

In the kitchen, Silverio is part prizefighter, part artist and one hundred percent Italian. As chefs go, he’s what I like to call “a natural.” His foods are simply and passionately prepared. And most importantly, he doesn’t over complicate his dishes. He lets you taste the natural flavors of fresh, local foods.

When we were there, Silverio brought out some of his best for us to taste (love my job). We dined on pulled slow-roasted pork, handmade gnocchi, fresh Lake Erie walleye with white wine sauce and hand-tossed pizza. They were all family recipes and all simply delicious.