Blu Moon Bistro-Café, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 206

(231) 843-2001
125 S. James St., Ludington, MI 49431

We rolled into town about lunch time, and boy were we hungry. But when aren’t we hungry on UTR? It wasn’t long before we found our foodie fun-house for the day. You’ve heard the old expression, “Once in a blue moon.” Well, from what we heard on the streets of Ludington, people eat at this place a lot more than that. If you read the reviews, The Blu Moon Bistro-Café is the best food for miles around, and Marilyn Cunic and her husband Randy are just the kind of people you’d expect to have a place this cool. Marilyn has a wonderful, bigger-than-life personality and Randy is the coolest dude around.

The Blu Moon Bistro is a true family business. Daughters Jordan and Lille (and now little Domonic) help make the place click, and son-in-law Jason is a very talented French-trained chef who also successfully serves an array of worldly delights including succulent, savory sushi. They moved back to Michigan from Colorado and North Carolina to open their dream restaurant, and now they’ve won the hearts (and stomachs) of the locals. The “Over the Moon” rooftop dining there is a very cool place to eat, and the full bar makes it all magical.

From the amazing food that comes out of their kitchen to the artistic and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder the Cunics have found success and happiness in Ludington.

After lunch we were lucky enough to run into tennis legend and TV celebrity Murphy Jensen. Murph and his brother Luke were the 1993 French Open Doubles champs.

Ludington is his hometown and the Blu Moon is his favorite place to chow. After talking about how much we both love that part of Michigan, Murph said it best when he said, “Most people call Ludington paradise, but I get to call it home.” If you ever see Murphy Jensen on the streets of Ludington, after you’ve had one of the mostest funnest conversations of your life, make sure to tell him the UTR boys said hi.