Bay Antique Center, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 210

(989) 894-0400
1010 N. Water St., Bay City, MI 48706

If you’re an antique lover, Bay City is the absolute epicenter of antiquing in the Midwest, and The Bay Antique Center has about eleventy billion square feet of all things old. Michelle Judd and her family own, arrange, operate and orchestrate this huge conglomeration of cool stuff, and it all started with her grandpa. He loved to find antique treasures so much, he used to send them home when he was stationed over in Germany during the war.

I wasn’t into antiquing until I walked into this place. There’s over sixty-thousand square feet of everything old you can imagine. From classic clothing to furniture, gas pumps, signs, jewelry, art—you name it. It’s wonderfully overwhelming. The Bay City Antique Center is so big, people have even been known to get lost in there. I’m not naming any names, because I don’t want to embarrass myself.

Try this test. Go there and wander around for a while. If you don’t leave with something you love, I guarantee you’ll still have fun just looking. Oh, and if you see me there, remember, I’m not lost. I’m just having a little trouble finding my way out. There’s a difference. I think.