American Museum of Magic, The

UTR-Webmaster Episode 307

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107 E. Michigan Ave., P.O. Box 5, Marshall, MI 49068

Now if you’ve watched our show, you know that we do a lot of TV magic. So I thought it would be cool if we actually went and saw some. If you’re into magic, history or you just want an incredibly cool place to hang out for a while, this is the place. It’s The American Museum of Magic, and it’s right in downtown Marshall. It houses the largest private collection of magic memorabilia that’s open to the public in the entire world. There are over a quarter million rare and historical items in this collection, and many of the premier pieces are on display there.

The part that fascinated and impressed me the most was the crazy number of authentic and original magic show hand bills and posters on display. From the great Houdini to the Amazing Randi, you get a real feel for the mysteries of magic over the years. And because of the size of the collection, they are continuously rotating what is on display. Even if you’re not into magic, the history of this art form is fun to explore. The American Museum of Magic makes boredom instantly disappear.