Terror on Tilson

UTR-Webmaster Episode 607

Tilson Street in Romeo

When it come to the spookiest of all holidays … there’s Halloween … and then there’s well …. Halloween … if you know what I mean.

And, if you’d like to experience the later of the two … trick or treat yourself to (big affect) “Terror on Tillson Street”. This is Halloween in hyper drive … and people come from all over the Midwest to see it. And believe me …. You won’t believe it either … until you do see it for your scared self.

That’s right … this street is full of some of the biggest and mostest scariest Halloween displays you’ll ever see … but it’s also full of people with some of the biggest hearts you’ll ever know. And that’s because they use the power of Halloween to give back to this great community.

So, as the crowds of candy collecting kids in costume converged on this classic community … I set out to scare up some spooky comments …

If you want to “treat” yourself to a spectacular (and charitable) Halloween next year, the “trick” is to get your family to Tillson Street in Romeo.

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